Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lukas Learns to Crawl... and Goes on a Safari!

The weather has been yucky, once again, this weekend. We had planned to drive out to the nearest game reserve, Botlierskop, but may wait until next weekend for that outing. Yesterday was a mall day. We went to a French patisserie in George for breakfast, and then strolled around the mall for a couple hours, before stopping at a little Italian café for lunch. Lukas ate mashed avocado… which he seems to like.

When we got home, Tobi made dinner while Lukas and I played. We watched a little bit of TV, and then Papa gave Lukas a bath. Lukas slept horribly last night, as did I. Since his fifth tooth began to come in (on Friday), he’s been wanting to nurse all night. Having mommy around seems to help him forget the pain of teething. I want to buy some teething gel today. If only he took a bottle, pacifier, or teething ring… life would be so much easier!

On Thursday night Lukas crawled for the very first time… while Mama was napping! He demonstrated his new skills for Mama on Friday… how cute! He’s still really shaky with his little bum up in the air, but he’s so proud of himself (and so are Mama and Papa)!

Lukas’ new best friend is Felix. He’s discovered that Felix loves the scraps that fall to the bottom of his high chair… which makes it even more fun to throw stuff on the floor!

Other than that, not much has happened in the past week. We’re going to head off to the game reserve now for lunch, so I better wrap this up. I’ll write more when we get back!

Well, it’s just before 8 PM, and we just got home from our very first African “safari”. Wow! The fact that it was a bit overcast today, made our little adventure all the more intimate and charming. As we drove onto the private game reserve, we were inspired by the beauty around us. Elephants approached the long, winding dirt road as we approached the Game Lodge. We stopped the car and went up to say hello. They were so close we could have touched them! We started out with lunch, then headed out on the “Game Drive”. Over the course of about two and a half hours, we saw elephants, zebras, giraffes, a variety of antelopes, kudu, springbok, water buffalo, and lions. We also spotted some native birds, including a buzzard, Egyptian geese, and a beautiful little songbird with a bright orange neck. The ride was quite bumpy at times, but Lukas couldn’t have behaved any better. He was perfect! My only regret is that Tobi got to take all of the wildlife photos, since I was busy holding Lukas (trying to keep him grounded throughout that bumpy ride)! Lukas seemed pretty intrigued by the animals… especially the “giant kitty cats”. The pride of lions was kept separately from the other animals, and their (large) area was enclosed by a tall electric fence. They were so beautiful!

Well, we’re all pretty tired, and Lukas is definitely ready for bed, so I’ll sign off for now! So long!

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