Thursday, September 21, 2006

Our First "Babysitter"

Once again, it’s been ages since I last wrote, but there have been no major events since the last entry. This past week was interesting, though.

On Friday evening we used a babysitter for the first time (previously, we had only used family for that). Bianca is a very responsible 15-year old who lives next door with her sister, Minga, brother, Reinhard, and mother, Madeline (and father, who I haven’t met yet). That evening we went to the casino for dinner – they have a nice all-you-can-eat seafood buffet on Friday evenings. Bianca and Lukas had fun, and Mama & Papa got a much-needed break! On Saturday, while shopping, we met a nice couple who have begun stocking their very own game reserve (with Springbok and other native animals). And other than a quick jog, lunch at a café in the mountains, and a walk on the beach, we had a very lazy weekend at home. On Monday of this week Lukas and I went to breakfast at a café in town. That evening, we noticed Lukas’ third tooth coming in (one of his front teeth on the top). Tuesday we went to the mall with out neighbor, Madeline. She has been so kind to us - I don’t know how to repay her for making us feel so welcome here!

On Wednesday morning Lukas seemed quite pleased with himself for learning how to clap (and we were proud, too)! We also went to our play group on Wednesday, driving out to George afterwards to go shopping. George is over a half hour away, but Lukas did great! He slept on the way there, smiled and laughed at everyone while shopping (for over two hours!), and then took another nap on the way home. He’s becoming such a dream baby, which leads me to believe that he truly did just need a few weeks to adjust to all these different surroundings! On Wednesday night Lukas began crawling (well it’s more of a belly crawl, but he’s moving his arms and his legs, too)! We know his days of lying around and cuddling are numbered now.

Today we went to “Kindermusik”, and our friend Dioni stopped by for coffee afterwards with her daughter, Becca. Dioni has also helped us tremendously over the past couple weeks, and has made us feel right at home here in Mossel Bay!

Well, I think I’ve got you all caught up on the events of the last week, and Lukas wants Mama to play with him for a bit. I promise to try to write more regularly!

So long for now!

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