Monday, May 14, 2007

Life is Good Here

Yesterday, when the florist came to deliver my weekly bouquet for a whopping 10 bucks, I thought to myself, "We're really going to miss this place." And I'm not just talking about the incredible friends that we've made or the unrivaled scenery. Life is good here. Really good.

In addition to our fresh flowers, we've been spoiled rotten with a housekeeper and nanny that comes three times a week, eating like kings at some of the country's best restaurants, an incredibly low cost of living (that means shopping at the grocery store without even looking at prices), and being able to "afford" living right by the water.

So, you see, no matter where we live, life for us will never be the same.

This time next year we'll be living on the rainy, cold continent of Europe. Our house will be a disaster, both because we're hoarders, and because Tobi and I always find more important things to do than clean the house. I'll have a little less "me" time, and a lot more "mommy" time. I'll be picking up my fresh tulips from a Dutch flower stand (that doesn't sound half bad)... riding around with a big wicker basket full of "bloemekes". Our days will be longer, and then shorter... much shorter.

But hey, life's an adventure, right? It's all about taking chances... and living in the moment. Speaking of which, I better turn off this crazy computer and get exploring!

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The Idea Dude said...

Having lived in South Africa and worked for a bit in Holland, the biggest contrast would be the much smaller houses and lack of space!

Good luck on your new adventure. Great to see you on TheGoodBlogs too.