Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sick & Tired (Literally)

Sorry that we were MIA for a couple days. Our cold has gone from bad to worse, leaving us sniffling and sneezing for the better part of the week. Monday was really bad, yesterday was better, and today was best, with the exception of a sore nose and yucky cough. Anyway, being sick in a "foreign" country makes you long to be "home". You want your Mommy, you want family & friends that you can easily (and cheaply) call for sympathy, you want a medicine cabinet filled with medicines that you know and trust, and pharmacists that speak your language and know exactly what to recommend. Oh, and of course a neighborhood Starbucks, for those hot drinks and overstuffed chairs.

But alas, there is nothing like that here. Yesterday, I forced myself to get out of the house with the baby for a few hours. We went to a café and Antique shop recommended to us by a friend, in an area called "Groot Brak". The café is called De Dekke, and the food and service was actually quite good. Lukas loved the ducks and geese swimming in the restaurant's pond, and I was personally just glad that he decided not to go for a swim. Oh, and last night I made time to update to his baby site (photos and a journal entry).

Today we drove to George for more family photos, a visa extension (which costs 850 Rand, even if you only need a week's extension!), and lunch at a Mexican restaurant (which we've been wanting to try for quite some time). I also updated my "suitcase" on Check it out when you have some time. It's a great tool!

Well, the little guy's ready for bed, so I better run. Be sure to check back for an update at the end of the week! Cheers, Liz

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