Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Spontaneous Adventure Thursday - Kaaiman's River

As Wes Madiko's Cameroon lullaby, "Sweet Bitowo", played softly in the background, we drove over the narrow bridge crossing Wilderness' Kaaimans River, and onto the dirt road... very conscious of the fact that, should we get stuck, there was no hubby there to dig us out (and babies aren't usually super cooperative in crisis situations). Despite the road's uneven nature, we got through just fine in our little Volkswagen Polo, and when we reached the end, we surveyed the area, spotted a group of friendly locals having a good laugh nearby, and decided to get out to explore.

I had a few munchies with, and Lukas and I sat down on the banks of the Kaaiman, where we ate under the watchful eyes of the Knysna-Lories, perched in the jungle-like canopy of trees behind us. Lukas wobbled to and fro behind my back, "surprising" me and giggling as he appeared on my right, and then my left. We walked along the river, wary of any potential quicksand (riverbeds can be very misleading here in South Africa), and Lukas bent down to splash in the water. After a half an hour, we decided to move on. The plan was to visit the beach (Wilderness has amazing beaches), but since Lukas was tired, and there was a strange fog hovering over the coast, we headed back to Mossel Bay... along our favorite stretch of coastal highway.

That was our spontaneous adventure Thursday. Since then, we've just been packing, packing, and packing. Friday was the day that all of our stuff got loaded into the container. Lukas and I also took another stroll around the neighborhood, taking some neat photos of the pin-cushion proteas, aloe plants (complimented nicely by a bird feeding on the nectar!), and a pretty purple flower that I don't yet know the name for.

Yesterday we canceled our phone, visited the George Strawberry Farm once more (without a camera of course), spent a bit more time at Mossel Bay's Point, planned the first few days of our road trip, and had dinner with friends at Café Havana.

The plan for today was to leave early, and head into the Klein Karoo, staying at the 4-Star Ladismith Country House on the first night, and at a guest house in the town of Ceres (known as the Switzerland of South Africa) on the second night. Well, that's still pretty much the plan, it's just the leaving early part that seems to have changed. On that note, I have to run... have some last-minute packing to do! I hope to find an Internet Café along the way somewhere, so I can keep you up-to-date on our adventures!

Keep well,
Liz & Family

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