Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Garden Route's Berry Best...

Since I wrote last, we have visited a strawberry farm, driven the scenic R102, done a fantastic hike, visited Delfino's at The Point, and walked along the waterfront in Mossel Bay.

As you can imagine, the week's a bit of a blur, but our lunch at George's Red Berry Farm and hike along the St. Blaize Trail (in Mossel Bay) were
definitely unforgettable.

The Strawberry Farm is on the outskirts of George, where the countryside meets the mountains. The food is great, as are the fresh smoothies and milkshakes, and the service and setting is unbeatable. Lukas had a blast on the playground, and a stroll out to the strawberry fields makes a great "pick-your-own" experience.

The St. Blaize Trail is an incredibly scenic coastal hike here in Mossel Bay, allowing visitors escape to the "real" Garden Route, for some fresh air and amazing views. Hikers will spot various bird-life and rock dassies (especially near the lighthouse) as well as the occasional antelope and lizard. We were lucky enough to spot a tiny South African Sugar Bird... how cute!

Well, we're off on yet another adventure... one last hike into the mountains from the George Botanical Garden. I'll write more later!

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Unknown said...

Hi Liz! Thanks for visiting my blog, stopping by my website, and signing my guestbook. I would LOVE to teach you if you lived in the area. I really like your blog and the photos of your family that you have posted on there.

Take care and thanks again.. :)