Friday, July 06, 2007

The Last Pages of Our Chapter in South Africa

Writing from a hotel, where the Internet is expensive and the "y" key sticks, isn't super-conducive to writing a detailed and eloquent account of our recent road trip through the Cape. I'll be sure to write about our travels in the next couple days, though.

For now, I'll just say that a day doesn't go by that I don't cry. As I was sobbering last night on the way home from friends, I vowed to Tobi that I wouldn't make friends in the next country we live in. ;-)

On Wednesday, as we drove away from Table Mountain for the last time, not knowing when we would see her again, I also fought back the tears.

Yesterday was our little goodbye party, and I miraculously succeeded in not crying while I was thanking everyone for the special role they've played in our lives over the past year. For dinner, we joined our friends Emil and Madeleine (and their two gorgeous daughters) for a good old-fashioned braai at their place. When the time came for us to go, of course I began sobbing uncontrollably... thank god we said goodbye at the car - where it was nice and dark! They gave us a neat CD by the talented South African band Watershed, and a couple of little presents for Lukas, with a very thoughtfully written card.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I managed to complicate our move even further by picking up a dog from the township, which had been severely neglected and was on the verge of death (meaning lots of trips to and from the vet prior to leaving, and having to decide whether the dog should be put down or not - and I, of course, said not). What was most mind boggling, was going to S.A. equivalent of the Humane Society, or SPCA, where they told me that if I left it there, they would have to put it down. They just don't have the funds to rehabilitate animals, and they get so many "healthy" dogs every day, also in need of a home.

Aside from the sick doggy (who I've incidentally named "Lucky Girl" - after Lukas, who calls himself "Lucky"), today is also going to be very difficult. We'll be saying goodbye to our nanny, Rijanah, and the hardest part is that Lukas has no clue that this is the last time he'll probably see most of these people.

And on that note, I better sign off. Still have some last minute packing to do! Tomorrow we head off to Germany. Our friend Deoni and her children will be at the airport to see us off. That will be a very sad day.

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Jen said...

Although leaving is always heart breaking, new beginnings are heart warming....or something poetic and uplifting like that!