Saturday, August 04, 2007

Home, Sweet Home

It's official. We signed on our house in the tiny German town of Kleinsendelbach on Wednesday morning. Then we stopped at the "home improvement" store to choose what kind of floors we wanted inside, and three hours later flew half way around the world, to visit friends and family in the U.S. What a crazy life we have.

In September, when we return from visiting my "home-town" of Orlando (and my grandparents in New Mexico, before touring Arizona, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas) our plan is to spend a couple weeks getting "settled" in our new place, while Tobi's up in The Netherlands, getting started on his new project. Then, in October, we'll join him up there... by which time we'll hopefully have found a house up there to rent.

But enough about that. We're in tropical, sunny, Florida, sweating our fannies off, and loving it! So far we've spent some time at my all-time favorite spot here in central Florida - Park Avenue, and we've eaten at some of our favorite places - Krispy Creme Donuts, Blackwater Barbeque, and Panera Bread.

Today we're meeting my cousin for breakfast on "Ivanhoe Row" near College Park, at a tiny, hole-in-the-wall diner called Brian's. Then we'll probably do some shopping (what else?), before meeting some friends for dinner at their place, here in Winter Park.

Well, I better go get ready for brekky! I'll try to upload some photos later. Keep well!

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