Friday, August 10, 2007

Lukas Meets World

Lukas has met most of my family before... several times, but I'm not sure how much he remembers from the first six months of his life. And yet, he's so comfortable with everyone. Tobi and I have taken off a couple times to run errands, leaving him with either my Aunt and Uncle, or Mom and sisters... and he's been a piece of cake. How lucky are we? And it's so cute to see him interracting with his little cousin Anika, or with his friend, Drew. I've uploaded my favorite photo of Lukas with Anika, and will include one of Drew tomorrow.

Believe it or not, yesterday Lukas saw his second shuttle launch here in Cocoa Beach. I'm not sure that he fully understands the magnitude of people being hurled into space in a rocket-propelled capsul. Maybe in a couple years.

But traveling and staying with family has inspired us to get him into his own little bed (or self-made matress on the carpet), which is a huge step for us. He definitely seems ready for it, though!

To quickly round up our trip to-date, we've spent some time on Park Avenue, gone boating and tubing (yes, Lukas TOO!) while visiting rural North Florida, spent lots of time with family, watched a shuttle launch from the beach, and lastly, we've done a bit of shopping.

What we still hope to do includes: a walk around Lake Eola, a visit to Sea World, a quick trip to the Orlando Science Center, and a visit to a "splash park" near Park Avenue (a fun spot for kids to play and dash through the water). All of that in less than a week. Wish us luck!

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Jen said...

uhm...when were you in North Florida? Why wasn't I on the top of your "to visit" list?