Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vive Las Vegas?

Vegas is…
Incredibly superficial
Over the top
A City of Waste

And yet, it’s somehow…
Fun for a while

We saw it all (nearly):
Bally’s Paris
Planet Hollywood (the Hotel and the ‘Miracle Mile’ shopping mall)
The Bellaggio
Caesar’s Palace
The Venetian

...And many more from the outside.

We caught a show, Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, which was more for Lukas than for us, but he enjoyed it. If we would have had another evening here, we probably would have gone to one of the five Cirque de Soleil Shows, but our first night was spent relaxing by the pool and eating here in Lake Las Vegas (which is incidentally an awesome escape from the strip when you’ve had enough of the lights & action!).

When we returned to our Lowe’s Hotel last night, a woman was singing marvelously down in the (empty) lounge. Lukas, who had been sleeping, popped up in his stroller and said, “shakies!”. So we brought him down, for what turned out to be the rest of the song, and a quick nightcap. When the musicians began packing up, we headed outside, to sit beneath the stars, and beside tike torches and fountains, looking out over the lake while pondering our recent (and upcoming) adventures.

Yes, it’s been a wild summer, and we’re ready to get “home” (to our new house in Germany, that is).

Signing off from Las Vegas,
Liz & Family

P.S. Be sure to check out our Monument Valley & Grand Canyon Adventures, and we'll post more photos soon!

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