Sunday, September 09, 2007

No DSL? Can We Return the House?!?

In this day and age, it's hard to imagine that there is, in fact, a place smack in the middle of Germany with absolutely no DSL capability. Not only have we found that place... we've actually bought a house there. Oh well. Somehow we'll get by with ISDN... for the time being.

We actually won't have Internet until next week, so for the time being I have to check emails and update my blog from Tobi's parents place.

Since I only have a few minutes, let me give you a quick update on the last week.

On Wednesday we met up with some friends, first showing them our place, then going to a nearby town for some good-old-fashioned Franconian food. "Die Drei Linden" is a much loved restaurant in the little village of Kalcreuth, and both the food and service there are excellent.

The rest of the week we were busy with floors, buying a stove/fireplace for the living area, and buying a car (A Mazda 5. Yay! I get to pick it up next Wednesday).

Last night was our second night at the house. Until the furniture gets here on Tuesday, we'll be sleeping on an air mattress. Actually, I'll be sleeping on the air mattress, and Tobi will be sleeping in a comfy bed at a hotel in The Netherlands, starting tonight. I think we'll probably join him up there next Saturday.

Last night was the first time we heard the church bells ringing in our tiny town. That's probably one of my all-time favorite sounds! Lukas loves it too. He says "Glocken!" - which is German for "bells".

Oh, and speaking (or writing) of bells, some German friends of ours (who currently live in Vietnam) showed me the cutest little café in the old part of Erlangen a few days ago. It's called "Glocken Café", and they have the most delicious fresh cake and coffee there. Best of all it's in a rustic old timber house on a cobblestone street. I'll upload some photos in a few days.

For now, I'm off to take Lukas to Atlantis for some indoor swimming.
Keep well!

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