Monday, October 15, 2007

Fresh Eggs, Starlight, and the Sunrise

Pinch me. Is this real? Am I really living on a farm, with a horse-filled barn and a rooster (with his lady-friend, who lays fresh eggs for us daily)?

Getting up early to feed Freddie, the pot-bellied pig and his neighbors, the geese, you see stars. Lots and lots of mesmerizing stars. And you hear the rooster serenading the sun, which rises like a big ball of fire over the sleepy village, illuminating terra-cotta roof shingles and a charming church steeple.

It's perfect. I must be dreaming!

Entering back through the cute little split-style farmhouse door, there's the hallway, and then the cellar, which served as a shelter for the owner's family during World War II. The owner's father, who lives just across the apple orchard, points out previous damage from grenades and shells, and explains what life (for an eight-year-old) was like here during the war.

The huge weeping willow near the pond undoubtedly witnessed the chaos. But now it's utterly peaceful, and the willow captivates us with his long, elegant branches, especially at dawn and dusk, when the light is softer.

Lavender and rose bushes grace the sides of the 70-year old, Dutch-style brick house. And then there's the apple orchard, where the dog disappears to from time to time. I don't think we'll ever want to leave, but we're so blessed to be able to call it home, if only for two years.

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annemarie said...

Well, this is really a strange experience, reading about our 'home' seeing pictures as how we left it, you telling about the farm. It is as if I finally realise that our home will be yours for a long period...makes me a little sad...

But, of course I wish you all the best, great hapiness and beautiful moments at the farm, same as we had.

It was nice to say goodbye the way it was yesterday. Beautifull weather, all family and friends, children playing.

My son said to me: Mama, that was a nice little boy, he can use my bed and play with my toys. But grandpapa stays mine, right?

If I can help, or you have a question you can always call me and i hope that when we're in Oudelande we can visit.


Annemarie, Francois, Pier en Guusje