Thursday, October 25, 2007

(Not-so) Spontaneous Adventure Thursday

Well, today is spontaneous Adventure Thursday. Does driving through three countries (Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands) for a total distance of 700 km count as a spontaneous adventure? In any case, I'm not really looking forward to the trip itself, afterall, Lukas had some sort of weird waking spell last night, and I spent a half an hour watching Blue's Clues with him at 1 AM before passing him along to "Oma" (who stayed up with him untul 3 AM). What's up with that?

As I wrote in the last entry, our time (about a week in total) in Germany has been pretty uneventful. We spent time with friends and family, met up with a friend from Brazil (who we know from South Africa), and her adorable 15-month-old daughter, played on a playground in the town of Weiher (complete with child-friendly construction equipment AND a very cool sand box!), and did lots of packing.

One thing that I found interesting over the past week, however, is seeing German farmers working their fields, in the dark, at 10 PM (and later). What a job. Well, you have to commend their dedication! Apparently, there's a new reality show on German television right now, where they try to pair a farmer up with the best possible bride (like a rural version of Out-Back Jack). Count me out! ;-)

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