Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Our First Day in The Netherlands

Yesterday was such a well-balanced day. Of course, I had no computer connection until after dinner, which was super positive for me (but has proven to be a disaster for me today).

We got up, did some unpacking, planned dinner, and went grocery shopping (which is a topic in-and-of-itself because - guess what - you can only pay with cash or a Dutch bank card!). Then we walked around town a bit (we're currently staying in a suburb/village of Vlissingen called Heinkezand), prepared dinner, went for a little family walk, and spent quality time together. I felt so normal!

It was the first time in a long time I actually felt motivate to cook, and dinner was fabulous! I brought along a really neat cook book, called "A Kitchen Safari - Stories and Recipies From The African Wilderness", and last night I chose a main from the "Ngala Private Game Reserve" called "Turkey with Pine Nuts and Sultanas". As a side dish, we had baked goats cheese and roasted tomatoes (also from the book), complimented by a dry red wine, from South Africa, of course.

And the weather yesterday... it was rainy and misty. The kind of weather that would make me cringe in most parts of the world, but here - last night, it seemed both mysterious and romantic. Walking outside with the dog and the baby was fun despite the strange foggy drizzle, and I wondered about the adventures that await us in our upcoming time here in The Netherlands.

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