Friday, November 16, 2007

Spontaneous Adventure Thursdays (Resume)

Yesterday was Thursday, and for some reason, Lukas and I often feel antsy as the end of the week approaches. So we jumped in the car, with some pajamas and toothbrushes (just in case), and drove. The goal was to find something new within a couple hours drive, and explore it.

An hour later, we ended up in Roosendaal (close to Breda), at the Rosada Factory Outlet. Since I've been wanting to start my Christmas shopping anyway, it was the perfect afternoon excursion.

Some big name brands, such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Puma, Converse, and Oilily have shops there, and there are a couple cute restaurants to stop at in between (but by all means, avoid the deceptively diner-like Food Factory... yuck!).

After a bit of shopping I let Lukas play on one of the mall's miniature playgrounds, and as we got in the car, I paused for a quick photo of the outlet at night. The combination of Christmas lights and beautifully back-lit fountains, along with bone-chilling winter weather made me want to start rehearsing Christmas carols. I would have been quite the spectacle.

And on this note, another Spontaneous Adventure Thursday came to a close. After a short drive, we were once again in the sleepy town of Oudelande, where "Papa" awaited us on our cozy little farm, along with Felix, our our furry four-legged companion.

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