Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Great Wall of China (in Tights)

As you know, I have a blog that I keep for my son, and although I generally try to keep the content different from what's written here, I'd really like to share this fun entry with you.

Lukas was just coloring on one of the many envelopes that he just relocated, from box, to not-box. He was making lots of small, squiggly lines along the bottom of the envelope, so I asked him whether he was drawing grass. His response was one of those remarks that a parent never, ever forgets. He very clearly said, "No, Great Wall of China!"

I adore the Disney children's series, "The Little Einsteins". My (nearly) 2-year-old draws The Great Wall of China, instead of grass, and when he sees one of those huge electricity towers, he thinks it's an "Obelisk" or the "Eiffel Tower". How cute is that? What a great kid.

What can I write that brings this entry down to earth a bit? Well, Lukas is running around in tights right now. That's right, tights! I remember seeing pictures of my husband at that age in tights, and laughing. But it makes sense! It can get so cold and windy here, and one layer of pants just doesn't cut it.

And when they're just playing at home, tights (with little house slippers) are way more comfortable than pants. So there you go. My family back home might laugh, but my little artist is warm and comfy, and that's all that really matters.

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