Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Florida Couple Spends Anniversary in Big Apple

My Uncle Paul just spent a few days New York City, and wrote me an email to share his experiences with me. I always find it sad when people have such incredible experiences, but no platform to share it on, so I thought I could include it in today's entry.

We just got back in from celebrating our 20th anniversary in NYC. We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway and had some great meals. One dinner was at an Italian restaurant in Little Italy that was over 100 years old and after scrumptious feast we went to a bakery that has been making their creations for about as long. It was heavenly.

We also ate at Tao, which is more of an Asian fare. It was quite a dining experience as well. The small eateries for breakfast and lunch were much the treat as well. We walked from Times Square all the way to China Town and as luck would have it they were celebrating their new year with a huge parade on Mott Street. We enjoyed that and then walked to the World Trade Center site and were in awe to be right where such an atrocity had occurred. It was certainly a solemn experience.

An Arctic front had arrived with me so the weather was quite cold. The one positive about the front was that it was very clear the next day, with no clouds to be found. We went to the top of Rockefeller Center and on the 67th floor had some great/very expensive cocktails and watched the sun set over NY. With views of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, as well as Brooklyn Bridge we again were in awe.

After the beautiful sunset we stayed to watch the lights of the city come to life.

Our hotel was over 100 years old and authors the likes of Faulkner used to meet in the lobby to socialize and study.

Sounds fantastic, Paul! Thanks for sharing. I feel like I've just visited NYC vicariously. :-)

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