Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spring is Here?

It's still very early, but there are signs of Spring wherever you look here in Zeeland. Such an amazing time of year! Longer days (it seems as though the sun set several minutes later every day!), trees and bushes budding, hydrangeas with new growth, warmer weather, more sunshine, and little baby animals testing out their new legs under mama's watchful eye.

Just across the street from us are dozens of little baby sheep (I guess I should say lamb, but lamb is so often associated with meat). They're in a barn with their mamas under the careful watch and guidance of our neighbors, a farming couple, who are brimming with pride - not unlike that of new grandparents.
For a toddler, there's nothing in the whole world better than being able to hug baby farm animals, giggling as they gently suckle on tiny fingers. One proud mother, a black sheep, had given birth to a very large baby lamb just 10 minutes before we arrived, and she was still gently nudging it, baa-ing as she coaxed it to stand.

Other than our 1-hour family walk through the countryside, that was pretty much the highlight of our weekend (so far). After visiting the sheep, we gave Lukas the opportunity to practice on the tricycle, while we walked the dog once more.

For dinner we made meatloaf and mashed potatoes, with salad.

I really can't explain to you how thrilled I am to have a weekend of pure family time. Last weekend was Carnival, the weekend before we had company (and it was Lukas' birthday), before that we were in America, prior to that we were packing for America, and just one week earlier we were rounding up several weeks in Germany. So this weekend is really special. We're cleaning, walking, and eating together... which may sound very dull, but really, it's time that we treasure. Can't wait to have more weekends like this!

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