Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Not-So-Normal, Normal Life

Even when we're not traveling, our lives our hectic. Because we're gone so much, I try my best to maintain and develop relationships with those around us while we're here, probably making twice the effort I would usually make to account for our absences.

So Thursday meant school for Lukas (who is now crying briefly every time I drop him off); errands for me; feeding the animals; driving back to where I had done errands - to meet some women for lunch (while Lukas was napping); visiting gardening shops in the area in an attempt to find a shovel, watering can, and flowers; and finally heading home for some quick pre-dinner gardening.

Friday was even crazier. We began the day at Lukas' music school for his "Muziek op Schoot", then headed out to 'S-HeerArendeskerke to meet some friends at 't Klok'Uus, an indoor/outdoor play gym for kids. From there we headed out to Middelburg to network with some "Mums" from international mothers group, then drove into the city center to find some last-minute items for Saturday's dinner party (and let me add here that choosing to leave the stroller in the car was not one of the best ideas I've ever had). By the time we were done in Middelburg (where I navigated much of the city-center with a toddler on my back), I was so exhausted that I couldn't even fathom getting dinner ready. As fate would have it, we passed a McDonalds on the way out of town, which not only made a decent quick dinner, but allowed us to get Lukas, who had napped for less than an hour, bathed and into bed as quickly as possible.

Saturday was our day to stop procrastinating, and prepare for company. Tobi hates me on days like this. I always end up acting like a like a military drill officer on steroids. I'm lucky he puts up with me. :-) Two couples joined us for dinner, along with their children, and we prepared steak, grilled veggies, and salad. The kids loved the farm animals, and gave our chocolate labrador, Felix, a run for his money.

And the craziness still hasn't subsided. Tobi's gone deep-sea fishing today, and I'll be meeting his colleague's fiancé for lunch in Ghent, before heading back to the farm to prepare for dinner - as this is where today's catch will be prepared and consumed by Siemens' finest fishermen. ;-)

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