Monday, May 12, 2008

Quick Update & Link

No recent adventures to report on just now.
We're getting Lukas ready for his first surgery. :-(
For more info you can read our family blog at:


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Timothy Richmond said...

I remember when our daughter had her ear tube surgery when she was about 18 months. What an awful time before hand. She hadn't eaten or drank anything in about 10 hours and she was exhausted and couldn't understand the situation at all. Of course we had to sit and wait in the hospital for so long till they were finally ready. Then in what seemed like only a few minutes, she was back in our arms and could start sipping water and eating crackers. She was so sad. Here is a link to our blog post about it.

I am so glad we had the surgery though, her health is so much better, and we are also glad we didn't let her eat anything before hand, because a couple rooms down we could hear the consequences of a bad reaction to anesthesia, not good. Good luck, I hope all goes/went well!