Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Pregnancy Journey

I don't like to focus much on pregnancy or family topics on this blog, but I can't resist sharing our collage of recent pregnancy photos. Just like nearly every journey we've undertaken, this pregnancy has had both challenging and incredible moments, and it's been every bit a part of our recent European adventures.

I realize that nudity might be offensive to some, but I think when used in moderation, it can be both beautiful and enjoyable. Photography is truly an art, and Anastasia de Nooijer (who created all of the photos on the collage perimeter) did a fantastic job capturing the moment. Here's to the miraclulous adventure of pregnancy... and childbirth.

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Anonymous said...


Awesome shots! There was nothing offensive in my opinion and that is a beautiful collage. The photographer is quite talented and the subjects are so photogenic! A true journey for all of you~

Love you,