Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fun, Games, and a Home-Town Parade

From Lukas marching in his very first parade in our cute little Dutch town of Oudelande, to venturing out to the "Zeeuwse Schaapskudde" in Heinkenszand for the "Lammerendagen", or "lamb days", it was a busy, but fun weekend.

The parade was organized by the "Oranjevereniging Oudelande", who, as far as I can tell, is a local marching band supported by sponsors which travels to local towns to perform - primarily in honour of Holland's Queen.

Lanterns were provided to the children and the band played a couple of well known Dutch songs along the way, and the evening was wrapped up with a round of kids Bingo and some tea and coffee. Overall, it was very cute and we were happy to participate this year (as opposed to last year, where we just quickly ran into town for a few photos).

Lammerenesdag came after our delicious Sunday meal (Tobi made smoked pork tenderloin with potatoes and a German field salad today), and the outing certainly was an experience. Dozens of cars were parked on the narrow country road leading up to the Schaapskudde Visitor Center, prompting me to pull over on the bumpy narrow shoulder and walk the rest of the way with Lukas. Once we got there, I was surprised at how much thought and planning had gone into the event. From the petting area with baby lambs and sheep shearing display, to face painting and story time, they seemed to have thought of everything.

Maybe it's all too good to be true. Yes, just when you start to feel right at home, plans are being made for your departure. Although we won't be leaving Holland until September, talk has already begun on how, when, and where. My stomach drops at the thought of it. I guess we just have to enjoy each day here in Zeeland to its fullest... rain, sleet, or shine! There's nothing like the threat of losing something to make you appreciate it more.

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