Monday, February 23, 2009

Zeeland-Style Carnival Celebrations

It started with a 6km bicycle ride to Kwadendamme with two kids in tow, which, for the record, is far harder than it looks... and ended with a friend's father - apparently a local Zeeuwse legend - singing and strumming his acoustic guitar. This, from the comfort of his worn upholstered chair, in the warmth of a traditional Dutch row-house, and set amongst the Carnival-crazed town of 's-Heerenhoek.

In between there was much dancing, singing, parade-watching, silly costumes, and - of course -lots and lots of beer.

That about sums up our Dutch Carnival weekend in Zeeland. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Viera said...

What a fun!. Looks like you are having the great time in Zeeland!!