Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spontaeously Serene: Another Miraculous Zeeland Sunrise

As I walked out the door for my pre-dawn walk with the dog, the brisk morning air was rich with the sweet-vinegary smell of the orchard's unharvested apples. The sound of roosters and pheasants punctuated the otherwise silent country scene, and a light mist rose off the fertile, freshly tilled soil. As always, the dead-end farm road gave me no choice but to stop in my tracks, briskly retracing the muddy path back towards the orchards. But - unlike always - I was feeling spontaneous and decided to pause to appreciating the beauty around me.

Standing in silence, I watched huge flocks of birds migrate overhead, and wondered where they might be headed. Slowly, the clouds, trees tops, and tall amber grasses that surrounded me changed colors like chameleons, reflecting the picturesque Zeeland sunrise. I suppose even I took on a firey orange-hue as I stood admiring one of mother nature's greatest feats.

I believe in miracles. In fact, I think we're surrounded by them, wherever we may be. And imagine, if we grant ourselves just a little more time, the ordinary will become extraordinary. What a beautiful way to see the world.

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