Friday, November 17, 2006

Back to Boston

On Thursday evening we arrived in Boston, ready to spend a couple days with "Aunties" Jessie, Sissa, and Debbie. It's been so much fun! On Thursday night, before we went to bed, we're certain we heard Lukas say "Bye, bye"! I would say it's his first word, but Mom swears that he said "what dat?" last week (on Sunday I think?)

Yesterday we walked around the city, in search of Santa... but Santa apparently doesn't make an appearance until after Thanksgiving. We had fun anyway, riding the subway, getting some walking in, visiting some shops, and sipping on hot cocoas on an absolutely beautiful day!

Lukas and I got up really early this morning, then we got ready, and headed out to Dunkin Donuts before the girls woke up. We picked Auntie Jessie up on the way, and once again, the weather was perfect! When we got home we woke Sissa and Debbie up and enjoyed breakfast together. Then I was told to get ready, as I was going to be brought into town for a birthday surprise a little bit later on. Melissa took me into town for a surprise pedicure and manicure that she and Jessie had organized at the Aveda spa! It was lots of fun, and I enjoyed having a few hours that were all about me! :-)

Well, they're going to take Lukas and I ot to dinner now, so we better get ready! If I don't have time to write more before our flight tomorrow, I'll be sure to write from South Africa on Monday!

Until then...

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