Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day (at a Game Reserve!)

Well, this time I have to write really fast, so you'll have to excuse any typos!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and it was the best Valentine's Day ever! We spent it in a place called Harold's Bay, at a game reserve (we drove past Eland's on the way in!), under the stars, listening to local musicians, while enjoying a picnic dinner and a bottle of wine. It was wonderful. The baby loved it, and insisted upon crawling up to the stage on more than one occasion (he would have crawled right up to the musicians' feet - if only we would have let him!). It was really cute. Then he pushed the baby carriage around on the lawn, which was a great opportunity for him to practice walking. After all that activity, we thought he would be "pooped" by the time we got home. Well, he cried all the way home, and once we were inside he was like the Energizer bunny. Despite my attempts to get him to sleep, he had more energy than ever, and really seemed to like being up and about at night (until midnight... and even then he was fighting sleep!). Granted, he seemed to know that something was going on. Tobi and I had to pack our suitcases, as we're leaving this morning for Sun City - the S. African equivalent (if you can call it that) to Las Vegas. Anyway, Tobi says we have to head out to the airport now... so I better finish up! We'll be back Sunday evening, and I'll write more then.


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