Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Great Moore Adventure - Getting Prepared

Once again, I've fallen behind with my blogs. In the past couple weeks, Lukas has become such a little boy. He's built like a little boy, laughs like a little boy, and can throw tantrums like a little boy... our baby's growing up! He has two molars now. The first one came in on the last day of our Sun City trip, and we noticed the latest molar on the day that we dropped Tobi off at the airport for his business trip last week (on Saturday, March 3rd - the first one came in on the left side, and then on the right).

Our latest adventures include a trip out to a farm in the Kammanassieberge (or Kammanassie Mountains - February 21st) for a childrens' birthday party, another visit to the Botlierskop Game Reserve with Grandma, a bit of shopping with Grandma, and miscellaneous other small adventures.

In other big news, Lukas is off of the breast during the day, and only wants to nurse at night now. That will make things a lot easier on the Great Moore Adventure (a road trip that I'm taking my Mom and sisters on - we leave today)!

The plan for the road trip is to head out to the Sedgefield Markets, then to Tsitsikamma. Tomorrow we'll probably head to De Rust and Oudtshoorn, then back down to George (for a quick family photo), and then down the R62 ("the longest wine route in the world") to Worcester and Paarl, and then onto Franschoek, Stellenbosch, Montagu, and Arniston... before heading into Cape Town. It should be lots of fun! I'm a little bit nervous about driving our big Maui "Lux 5" over the mountain passes, but we'll just drive like grannies in those areas. :-)

Well, I better get going, we have to finish packing and hit the road! Stay tuned for some fun stories and photos!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Liz,

Of course I remember you! How could I ever forget my sweet neighbour in Germany. I have been thinking of you so often; how could I ever find you back again.

I was so curious how you and Tobi are doing, where you are living and so on and so forth.

Am I right when I conclude that you are nowadays mother of a healthy child? Tell me, tell me.

Well what can I tell. I still live in The Netherlands, but not in Amsterdam anymore. I moved a little more to the south. Johan (you met him when you and your sister visited Amsterdam) found a nice house in a nice city. Where we are living a happy live together and have nothing to complain about.

Dear Liz, I would very much like to hear how you are and hope you and Tobi are doing very well.
I appologise for my probably poor English, but I do not use it very often anymore, which does not help to get it on a higher level.

Lots of love,