Monday, May 21, 2007

Helping People in the Township...

Before we moved here, we read that Mossel Bay has the second mildest climate in the world.

Last winter was very cold, and the thing about South Africa is, they don't really do heat. But everyone swore that last year was the exception, and that this winter would be milder.

Since yesterday we have frozen our little fannies off. And it's soaking wet and extremely windy. Not the kind of weather you want to be outside in. We're wearing our fleeces inside, and have our indoor wood-burning grill going at 8 AM, in the hopes that it will make the slightest difference in the temperature.

But that's nothing. This morning Rijanah (our nanny) told me that their tin roof leaked last night, and that one of the two beds and the television got really wet. So there are now three adults sleeping on the one dry twin bed. But the thing is, there are probably plenty of people in the township that have it a lot worse. The living conditions for many, many people in South Africa are deplorable.

I've been wanting to take on at least one project before we leave. Maybe I could raise enough money to have Rijanah's roof repaired. If I can raise more, I'd like to do a sweater drive for the kids in the township. There are so many children running around barefoot and without the appropriate clothing on days that can be both wet and cold. If you think you can help in some way, let me know. If I could just raise a few hundred U.S. dollars, I think I could make a big difference for some of the children before we go. But I have less than 2 months left here in South Africa, so this would have to happen quickly. Let me know if you're interested, and what you think you could donate.

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