Saturday, June 02, 2007

Exploring George

I began the day by walking the dog. The sun was just rising, the early birds were on the move, and the full moon was still on the horizon. Geese flew over head, squawking in their characteristic goose-fashion. Dawn is such a magical time of day!

From there, I got in the car and headed out to George for a First-Aid course, which I've been wanting to do for quite some time (does anybody ever remember the ratio of chest compressions to breathing?). The drive to George was picturesque, as usual, and after the First-Aid Course, I decided to roam around the city center a little bit, checking out a few cute cafés and shops (if you're ever in George, you MUST visit "The Conservatory at Meade House" - it's so lovely!).

And then it was back to Mossel Bay, to check on the boys, and see if I could convince them to go on a hike in the afternoon. Tobi's coming down with a cold, but the weather was just too perfect to stay inside, so we headed back to George to check out a trail leading into the mountains (from the Botanical Garden). We brought Felix along, and he was in doggie heaven. Strangely enough, I have two hiking books for this region, and the trail that we took isn't in either of them. From the Botanical Garden, you can either take the shorter hike, past the railroad tracks, through a forest, and then onto a little stream, or you can walk all the way to the George Dam (which we'll have to do next time, as it requires a bit more time). Since Tobi's not feeling well, I volunteered to carry the baby backpack, and Lukas really seemed to enjoy our hike.

Arriving back at home, we looked out to the ocean, and spotted a strange fiery ball on the horizon. It was the moon rising, and although we tried to take some photos, none of them really came out (we have to take a photography class when we're back in Europe!). Yet another amazing South African moment committed only to memory.

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