Monday, June 18, 2007

Wilderness and Mossel Bay's "Point"

Yesterday wasn't the most stress-free Sunday, but we did get a lot done. I had a golf lesson, we packed (a few things, anyway), we visited Wilderness (and the "Map of Africa"), and we met a friend for coffee back in Mossel Bay.

It was our first visit to Wilderness (other than a very brief stop at the beginning of our time here). The Map of Africa and nearby look-out point have got to be two major highlights of the town, as is the "Wilderness Grill" Restaurant. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you about the historic little chapel on the hill behind the Protea Hotel... so charming! I would have liked to have visited the beach, but I guess I'll save the best for last! I've uploaded a few pictures, so you can visit Wilderness and Mossel Bay vicariously. :-)

And now I'm back to packing. Although I'm still a bit sad to leave South Africa, I am starting to look forward to getting settled in our next locations (even if that is several months away).

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