Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's Chaos, But It's Home!

We're unpacking at the moment. It sucks. Because we've moved around so much, and rented out our previous home, we have at least two of everything. And it doesn't help that we're both hoarders.

On the up-side, it does seem to be going fairly fast, and Tobi's parents have been a huge help! (In this photo, our house is the second from the left - the white house with the wooden balcony.)

And when I'm overwhelmed and need a break, I head out to the pastures behind the house with the dog and the baby. All of my troubles disappear there, and I'm reminded of what brought us here in the first place. The incredible German countryside.

The town where we live, Kleinsendelbach, has two playgrounds, and our neighbor (along with her 2-year-old daughter) was kind enough to give us the grand tour yesterday. Lukas got a huge kick out of the merry-go-round, swings, and see-saw. We also learned about a moms and tots group in town, which we hope to make it to whenever we're at "home".

Today we walked to Tobi's parents' place (it took us about an hour), where we had a home-cooked meal before walking out to the playground and nearby café for a mid-afternoon snack. It was the perfect day, and best of all, there was barely any unpacking involved!

And that is what we've been up to over the past week. What I haven't gotten around to is writing... and I'm so frustrated about that! I want to do some proper travel writing, write my friends and family in South Africa and the U.S., and write more blog entries. I'll set that as a goal for the next week.

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