Monday, September 24, 2007

The Divinely Boring Life

I haven't written much lately, because honestly, my life has been divinely boring. There's been some measure of routine in our days... wake up, have coffee and breakfast, naptime (for Lukas that is), unpack for a couple hours, play outside and walk the dog, and have dinner (either at our place or at Tobi's parents place). Wonderful!

From next week, we'll be doing all that from The Netherlands, but instead of Tobi's parents, we'll have "Da-da" himself in the evenings. Hooray!

Actually, Tobi just came down to visit this weekend, and Lukas could't have been happier. Afterall, 2 weeks is a really long time for a toddler! They rolled around in bed together in the mornings, played outside with the dog together, and goofed around. It was perfect.

And now Lukas' buddy from America, Gregor, and his Mama are coming to visit us for the day (and one night). Although we met them in Orlando (at our Lamaze class), they're German, and have since returned to Munich (just two hours from our place here in Germany)... such a small world! We'll be showing them around Nuremberg today (which is just 20 minutes from Kleinsendelbach/Neunkirchen am Brand).

Oh, and a few days ago, some friends from our time in Australia (also German), who now live in Vietnam, came to stay with us for the night. The best part about travel is all the wonderful friends we make around the world! If only we could get our friends Anne and Andy (and Lukas' buddy Drew and baby Annabelle) to come and visit us. But then I'd also request a visit from Deoni and her family from South Africa, my friend Jen from college, my family back in the States, and a trillion other people that we miss... no matter where we are!

Hugs from Germany,
Liz & family

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