Friday, October 05, 2007

The Clown-Man-Dog

Looking back at the photos of the past week, I can't believe that I didn't include more about Lukas in our recent blog entries. He's got such a little personality now, and although I try to keep this blog strictly about our adventures as a family, he makes every day so special for us. (And yes, there are overwhelming moments, too, but the good outweigh the bad!)

There are the photos of him at Oma & Opa's house being a clown, then a little "man"... and here in The Netherlands -bathing in nutella.
My very favourite, though, is the little series of photos of him just after bath time, all wrapped up in his puppy-dog towel, and acting like a little doggy. He was barking and giggling, and we couldn't help but take a zillion photos.

Hope you enjoy as well! I know it sounds trite, but he brings such joy into our lives... and by that I mean the teary-eyed kind, making us so thankful for the way he's changed our world.

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