Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another Scenic Zeeland Drive

A cute little ladybug couple is crawling around on my bedroom windowsill... and I don't blame them for wanting to be inside - the weather outside is bizarre. Rain, sunshine, wind, and more rain... so unpredictable. The geese on the other hand, visible from up here in the bedroom, are splashing madly about in there little pond, as if this is the weather that they've been waiting for all year. The leaves of the weeping willow at the pond's edge, a deep shade of green just a week ago, are now yellow, making me most appreciative that we got here just before the fall set in. How else could we possibly know what we have to look forward to once winter has passed?

This morning, while the sun was still shining, we went on a drive, exploring country roads and towns previously unknown to us. Cobblestone streets, blue-and-white-striped flags, and historic old brick town halls are just around every bend, frequented by bicyclists and children, either going-to or returning from school.

It's safe here, and that's a nice feeling. Parents can let their children out to play without a second thought, and people leave their curtains open, and doors unlocked around the clock. What a wonderful way to live.

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