Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tot Ziens?

Ever tried to get in contact with an old friend, and struggled?

In 2000, I did an internship in Erlangen, Germany, and lived in one of those dismal "student" apartments. My "neighbor" (the girl in the room next to me and with whom I shared a bathroom), was a fun Dutch girl named Floor, and we spent many nights goofing around at our local hang-out, Papa Joe's. Floor thought it was hilarious that I couldn't operate the dynamo/light on my bicycle, and as for me, I was in awe of Floor's knowledge of German, English, and various other languages. My in-laws-to-be loved her, as did most people that met her.

I've thought about her many times over the past few years, but now that we're living in Holland, I can't wait to get in touch with her. She left me a comment on the blog, but it didn't show me her email address.

So, Floor, where are you? Send me an email when you have a chance, at Lizkraft_downunder@yahoo.com . We'll be in Zeeland for the next year and a half... so let's get together!

And now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to feed our pot-bellied pig and geese.
Tot Ziens!

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