Monday, November 05, 2007

Take a Hike

I love walking the dog up here. This is the kind of thing we see... every day. Granted, it was super windy on our walk today, but we still walked for about an hour, singing songs as we walked through the Dutch countryside.

But alas, I'm a "one-man" show today, and Lukas is ready for bed, so I'll keep it short.
More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Dear Liz,

I was so very delighted to see your message from schoolbank (is that the way it's called in English?). However you do nog have an option to send a message there. So I searched on the Internet and found you, which makes me even happier! If I read well on your Blog your a parents of a healthy 1 1/2 years old son!!! Congratulations (little late, but better late than never)!
And do I also understand it correctly that you are travelling around the world?? Tell me, tell me.

I just tried to post a message on you blog as well, but did that apparently on an old message, and I am nog so sure whether I did it correctly, so I am not going to make this message a whole lot longer, but I would really leek to get into contact again!

Hopefully you, Tobi and Lukas are doing very well. And of course I hope to hear from you sometime again. You can reach me on

Lots of love,
Floor Veegens.

Jen said...

liz, floor left her email in the last line of her post! it's

Liz Kraft said...

Thanks Jen, how late must it have been for me to have missed Floor's address in that comment!?!
And please, please, please, come and visit! We are RIGHT next to Belgium AND France! :-)