Sunday, November 04, 2007

In Search of "Wibills" with Pancakes

The little man had us cracking up today... this time it was in the car. It's as if he woke up today, and decided that the world would be a much better place if he talked a whole lot more. Among the things that he said along the way to our nearby "pancake" windmill (in the town of Serooskerke):

-"Ohhh! Windmill" (pronounced "wibill") - "BIG Wibill! Kook Kook!" (German for peek-a-boo, since it disappeared behind some trees) - "Silly wibill."

-"No talking Mama... music" (Apparently the kid has a thing for "The Boss") :-)

-"Orange water" (prompting my response, "No, Lukas, that's Lemon water.") "Lemon water. Good! Open it!" and then, "Leer. All done. [Drank it] all up!"

-Ausgeschmiert! (German for "Fooled You!" - when he pretends to wake up after fake-sleeping.)

Such a little cutie pie! We enjoy him so much... today, and every day. Life is good.

We met another couple at the windmill, with their sweet little three month old daughter, and really enjoyed watching her as she cooed and stared into her mommy's eyes. Below are a couple more photos of our afternoon. Enjoy!

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