Monday, November 26, 2007

Day Trip to Canterbury

The Canterbury made famous through the ballads of Geoffery Chaucer and the martyrdom of Thomas Becket is alive and well, and it's just 4 hour's drive from the Dutch region of Zeeland (our point of origin).

Having visited Disney often as a child, my first thought was of Epcot's "England". It really exists, in a parallel world with real people and real shops! But here's the kicker... the real deal is even more awe-inspiring, with it's "pinch me, am I really here?" cathedral and "peeling" church bells.

It's now one of my all-time favorite cities, and leaves me (yes me!) totally speechless. Take a look at these photos, and you'll see why....

But that was just part of our Sunday Adventure. Accompanied by some friends from the local WIGZ organization, we drove through Belgium and France (before reaching the UK by Eurotunnel), rambled through green hills dotted with country manors and countless sheep in the idyllic British countryside (the shire of Kent, to be exact), and spent (what I at least consider to be) rediculous amounts of money shopping at the Ashford Designer Outlet. Our exciting purchases (stuff most people take for granted) included such delicacies as maple syrup, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash at the Super Walmart / "ASDA". Then I went completely nuts in the kids section of Gap. Thank heavens that place is 600 kilometers away!

It sure was a lot of driving (thank you, Tobi), but it was a fabulous way to spend our 7th anniversary, and Lukas was a dream child (as usual). Hooray!

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