Friday, November 02, 2007

The Kick-Butt... Spontaneous Adventure... Thursday

How's this for ambitious? 24 hours ago (I'm avoiding use of the word "yesterday"), we woke up, got dressed, quickly ate, and got on the road. Stop one was the creche, or day-care, where we met one of the women in charge, and gathered some information on how to sign up. (I'm hoping this will translate into more time for writing.)

As it turns out, it's considerably more complicated than in the States. It all runs through the government, as they subsidize the cost of the creche for what probably turns out to be over 90% of the children attending. Chances are, with our income, we'll get little or no assistance, which means €250 per month, for the equivalent of one full day per week. Pretty steep, but I really like the way they have things set up there, and Lukas didn't want to leave (which is most certainly a good omen). What I'm really missing, though, is some sort of music class for parent and child, to keep us busy (and stimulated) once a week (like we had in South Africa). So far I haven't heard of anything similar here. Any ideas?

After the creche, we headed out to a gym in the town of Goes. We got there 45 minutes before the child care ended (it's only available in the mornings), which allowed me to hop on the treadmill for a half-hour jog with some kick-butt music playing on the Ipod. And then it was onto the grocery store to stock up on some healthy food. After putting the groceries away and taking a quick shower, we headed out on a 1-hour walk through the countryside with Felix (our overly-energetic chocolate Labrador).

Then, for dinner we had a steak salad with a (disappointingly tough) bio-meat. Next on the agenda was Lukas' bath-time, which Tobi did, allowing me to clean up the kitchen and do a bit more laundry (which is sadly now my me time).

It wasn't long before I hopped into bed, as they were reading stories, contemplating whether or not to get up again. We've had so little time for exercising with the move and recent traveling, that we're completely out of shape, which is why I opted to stay in my warm, cozy bed (at 7:30!)... getting up instead at 4 AM to write this blog (and play with Lukas, who insisted on getting up). Gotta love motherhood. But it beats hands down lying in bed with an antsy toddler, menstrual cramps, nasal congestion, and a migraine, wondering what the chances are of getting back to sleep. Hmmm... you think I might have overdone it just a tad?

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That Free Momma said...

Hi Liz :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am trying to imagine someone actually reading through my babblings. : ) I am looking forward to reading more about you and your beautiful, adventurous family!