Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Working Out, Meeting Moms, and Driving to Belgium

It's common knowledge that women are good at multi-tasking, and those of us with children understand how it came to be. Sure, when I worked in International Marketing, I also had to multi-task, but at no other time in my life have I had to take a 3-minute shower, then juggle an infant while drying off and getting dressed.

From the gym it was onto Bambinis, a massive indoor playground in Vlissingen, where I'm trying to get a Moms & Tots group going. And then it was onto the Belgian city of Antwerp to meet the owners of our little Oudelande farm house at their French Province-style villa (I no longer find it hard to understand how they could give up life on the farm). Not only is their home incredible, but the neighborhood is great for kids, with a forest and charming ranch (complete with petting zoo) just a short bike ride away (although Francois' bike, adjusted for his 2,5 meter frame, made for awkward riding for this already uncoordinated American).

After the bike ride, Annemarie whipped a quick kids meal together... spaghetti made with fresh tomatoes and veggies. When I asked her if she always cooked like that, she looked puzzled... making me realize how strange my question must have sounded. It's just that I come from a land where TV dinners and (frozen) pizza are the norm, and a family cooked meal is something that happens a couple times a week (granted, my mom was a single parent who worked full time, and this, coupled with Graduate school, was probably not conducive to culinary creativity).

Rest assured that cooking is no chore for Annemarie. She enjoys it, and loves that she's nourishing her children and helping them learn how to eat healthy. And her devotion, coupled with sincerity, makes her a tremendous role model, not only for her children, but for all the others she comes in contact with. "Goed so!", or as the Australians say, "Good on ya' ", Anne! :-)

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