Friday, November 09, 2007

El Zeeland?

I am officially confused. In one morning, I have seen some of Zeeland's finest weather, and (what must be) some of the region's worst weather. Felix's buddy, Arie, is here (imagine a perfectly behaved cross between a Boykin Spaniel and a flat-coated retriever), and every time I think I might be able to take them on a quick walk, the sun ducks behind another black cloud, and sleet begins to fall from the sky. And then, just as I begin to get cozy inside, the sun re-appears, as if nothing ever happened.

"I like him and all, but do I really
have to share my blanket with him?"

These fickle, yet frequent, downpours don't appear to be anything out of the ordinary. People are still walking in town, riding their bikes, and playing outside with their kids. But the (nearly) tropical-strength wind gusts that keep flickering by us here on this sleepy Dutch island are putting this Florida girl on edge. Where I come from, they mean...
Stay away from the windows and move to the center-most part of your house (unless of course you're in a trailer, in which case you're, quite frankly, SOL).

And so, the adventures that we might have had fall by the wayside as I cower under my kitchen table, waiting for the roof to fall in. It's alright, I'm sure the weather will be better come May...

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