Saturday, March 15, 2008

A (Dutch) Chick is Born... and Walking Zeeland

Our hen had a baby a couple days ago, which came as quite a surprise, since we were under the impression that the single egg left in her nest was not fertile.

(Farmers often remove the eggs from the nest, to promote more egg laying and less baby distractions - hence the expression: "empty nest".)

Well, the remaining egg just happened to be fertile, and after three weeks of nesting, Mama hen is keeping baby chick cozy and warm beneath her feathers, in her tiny little house.

I'm so excited!

Yesterday was also marked by great weather, which is why we got on our walking shoes and headed out, past budding orhcards and on to Baarland for some castle spotting and authentic Dutch pancakes, served in a charming restaurant in a converted old church.

Despite her cold, my sister enjoyed our little adventure, and and hour and a half of walking certainly did my quickly expanding belly good.

Welcome back to Zeeland.

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