Thursday, June 12, 2008

Luxurious Dutch Movie Theaters

We live on a peninsula that was once an island, and has a definite island feel to it. Zeeland is laid back, somewhat remote, and (for the most part) quiet and peaceful. With that in mind, I was not expecting to find modern, upscale movie theaters in this region. The main area cinema, in the city of Vlissingen, is huge, has a trendy café, and plays host to the hugely popular annual "Film by the Sea Festival".

But much to my surprise, the Merral theater in Goes (its website does it no justice), takes the cake... despite its odd location (at the backside of an large industrial-like complex). Considerably smaller than the Vlissingen cinema, the Goes theater makes up for its size with a super romantic interior. A large seated lounge area just past the lobby has a posh, but intimate feel to it, setting the scene for the cozy theater interior - complete with a bar, faux stone walls, and enticingly elegant boudoir-like lighting. Movie watchers can order food and drinks during the film, and on the monthly ladies' night, women can expect to be greeted with chocolate-covered strawberries and a complimentary glass of champagne (note: no men allowed!). Ladies' night also features prize give-aways, sexy lingerie and jewelry available for purchase, and free manicures prior to the start of the film.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Time for me - and time for friends, all while enjoying a romantic comedy, chocolate-covered strawberries, and (the prospect of) a free manicure (maybe next time!). And there most certainly will be a next time.

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