Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Goes "Fashion Event 2008" - Zeeland, The Netherlands

Although Tobi and I travel a lot, when we are home we're definitely homebodies. That being said, when a friend recently invited me to the "Fashion Event" of the year (link to 2006 Footage) in Goes, I immediately said yes.

Well, last night was the big night. My first real fashion show, the girls and I had front row seats next to the catwalk -- like Carrie & Co. in Sex in the City. Ilonka, who invited me to the event, was supplying champagne for the show, and brought some along for us to enjoy on the frontline. As good friends might, we all commented on which outfits we liked best as the models passed by, then giggled whenever appropriate (like when one model strutted by in a thong -- with thick peach fuzz on her cheeks. If only it had been her face).

A fashion show with thongs (and not not the flip-flop kind)? you might ask. Yes, women were in their skimpiest bedroom attire... Champagne was served... And all of this, in a church!

Why? Well, in addition to perhaps being more liberal, it seems as though Dutch churches are struggling a bit financially. Afterall, the moderator announced that those interested could purchase their very own pew for a mere €30. So they rented the house of God out for a rather saucy fashion show. Desperate measures in desperate times.

The event was fantastic, though... and apparently, the "Who's Who" of Zeeland flocks to the annual show. In any case, I'm so grateful to my friend Ilonka for sharing her spare ticket with me, and to Annemarie for the use of her camera and some good-old-fashioned champagne-inspired giggles. Oh, and thanks to Angie, I was spared the block's wobble out to my car upon my incredibly uncomfortable heels. Phew!

But perhaps most importantly, I learned from the event...
If ever I walk down a catwalk in a church, and in a thong, I'll be certain to make an appointment for a wax in advance. :-)

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Jen said...

sounds like fun! were the heals the crocs? did you ever wear those again?