Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pottenstein "Rocks"

The narrow, winding roads of Germany's "Franconian Switzerland" hug the sandstone cliffs in an ellusive manner, as if attempting to conceal some incredible national treasure. Suddenly, at a bend in the road, "ein Wunder" -- a castle teetering impossibly atop of the jagged landscape.

The Franconian Switzerland is one of Germany's most popular holiday areas, and the town of Pottenstein is undoubtedly one of its most loved resorts. From stunning caves and castles to some awesome (albeit it cold) thermal springs and a summer bob-sled of sorts, Pottenstein is a must-see for visitors and natives alike.

My husband having grown up in this area, he was surprised at how much he enjoyed the "Freibad" / thermal springs. They're nestled in green, rolling hills and sandstone cliffs - how could anyone not enjoy that sort of setting? There's also a café on site which makes an incredible "milch-kafé". Yum!

Lukas, our two and a half year old, was playing in the ice cold water blissfully... as if the temperature was completely irrelevant to having a good time. Remember those days? Redefining the fountain of youth...

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