Friday, October 24, 2008

European Sauna 101

Generally, when in a mixed, no-clothing, sauna, the key rule of thumb is to avoid staring at genitalia - especially that of the opposite sex - lest being labeled as a total pervert. It's sometimes easier said than done.

Take, for example the man who situated himself directly in front of my glass sauna door today, assuming the spread-eagle pose in his birthday suit. Slightly exhibitionist? I think so.

After a half hour of pendling between the sauna, ice cold shower, and 8 degree Celsius outdoor area (where, mind you, I could see my breath), it was time to get dressed. Not a problem... had it not been filled with middle-aged men -- all in various stages of nudity.

And yet, I knew how important it was that I keep a straight face... lest I give every man in there a total complex on their dearest possession.

Oh yes, every day in a "foreign" land is an adventure. And one day, when we return to America, we'll be branded "alternative" parents... having "revealed" ourselves in places other than the bedroom (gasp!).

Yes, I know, there's a special place in hell for people that frequent mixed saunas. Isn't it, in fact, one of the Commandments? If it's not, it certainly should be. Or at least the part where you proudly stand spread-eagle, fishing for attention - your bait serving as a much-needed booster of bravado.

And no, there are no photos for this entry. Afterall, cameras are frowned upon in most nudist establishments. ;-)

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Viera said...

Ha - ha ..poor Liz, ..but look on it from other side. What are we able to do for our 'Health"!!!
...Still lucky you are not in Sweden, Finland or Mongolia!