Wednesday, November 12, 2008

South Africa - Vacationing in Paradise

Feet up, I looked out over the overflow pool and beyond, delighted by the pristine view of the fynbos and seemingly untouched game reserve. The blissful silence, interrupted only by the swallows that darted by, swooping down to the water in a playful fit of early morning acrobatics, was perfect, limited though it was.

Our time at Shamwari Game Reserve, and Oudtshoorn before it, was indescribable. It was the first real vacation we've had in over a year, but it was well worth the wait. In the car, we imagined what our life would be like if Tobi would have never been sent over here for work. We probably never would have visited on our own initiative, but it is a wonderful, delightful country, with scene after scene of splendid mountainous landscapes, delicately intertwined with crystal clear lagoons, and inhabited by the most loving, generous people you may ever meet.

Staying with friends in the Garden Route town of Reebok now, I am so thankful for my birthday meal of fruit-topped french toast this morning, but also for the incredible garlic-and-cheese-stuffed Springbok that they prepared on the braai on the night of our arrival. And of course for their ongoing hospitality.

Yes, our life is so much richer because of them, and because of this awesome country, and the country it is yet to become.

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