Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Geese of Zeeland

The night before last, I was walking the dog at our home here in Zeeland, down a moon-lit country road to nowhere (paved for the tractors I assume). The melodic clicks of Miriam Makeba rang in my ears, but I soon became intrigued by the soft noises coming from the sky. Turning off the Ipod, I stared into the sky, searching for what I assumed was a small flock of geese.

As their calls grew louder, I waited anxiously for them to come into view. When they finally did, they were nothing less than impressive. Hundreds of geese formed two V formations, an unmistakable reminder of our stollen inspiration for the modern-day aeroplane. They flew right above us, their rhythmic voices piercing the quiet country air.

It was awesome, and it was nature.

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