Thursday, December 18, 2008

Impressions from Germany

Over the last few days we've been locals, and we've been tourists. We holed up in our home for the weekend, went sledding and spent time with family; then devoted some time to window shopping in Erlangen and Nürnberg and exploring the local Christmas markets (Neunkirchen am Brand, Erlangen, Forchheim, and Nürnberg).

In the meanwhile, I made some interesting observations. Yesterday I saw volunteer firemen, riding their bikes into the fire station in response to the alarm. How cute is that?

Then there was the screaming American, sledding down the steep, snowy hill (the screams were espcially clear since they were coming from me).

And now, we continue our Christmas journey to America. We're trading our snow in for theme parks and shopping malls. So long!

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