Monday, March 16, 2009

Walking on Zeeuwse Sunshine

While out walking through the Zeeuwse (or Zeelandic) countryside with the dog yesterday, it occurred to me that the best part of traveling isn't in the travel itself, but in the beauty that we're fortunate enough to witness in each place that we visit.

Beauty aside, more often than not I find something to complain about, but isn't that human? When we lived in Florida we complained about it being too hot and humid, as was the case in Queensland, Australia. Germany was too cold in the winter and in the summer it was too hot, considering the abundance of multi-story air-conditionless homes. We found South Africa's winter to be too cold for its non-heated homes. And Holland? Well it's just got too many rainy, gray days.

The caveat is, you have to have the bad weather to be able to appreciate the good stuff. Only now, as a visitor, does Florida feel like paradise. And every day of sunshine here in Holland is practically treated like a national holiday. People go outside in the masses - as they should - in a hedonist-like manner, and smiles become contagious.

On days like this, it's easy to find beauty in the simple things... but the real challange is to be able to do this on days with terrible weather. I suppose I'll have enough opportunities to practice in the upcoming months... and that alone is a gift.

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Viera said...

Hi Liz,
Hopefully the weather will be just perfect when you are next time in Australia. We can not wait to see you all again!! Will be here!!!
Lately I was hearing about your side of world -Zeeland often. Very good architect and designer Piet Boon lives there and I have got few emails from ladies from the same place. World is so small.

Take care . Love